The Trust plays Pokémon Go! The best places to catch 'em all and make the most of Nottingham's biggest and oldest Pokéstop!

For many of us, the Pokémon cards, video games and cartoons were a large part of our childhood history. Whether we traded in the playground or thumbed our way to victory on a dusty hand held console, we can all admit that this is a game that stood the test of time…much like our very own Nottingham Castle.


Along with the game itself, and of course, the creatures within it, the Castle has evolved so many times over the years that its original form would be practically unrecognisable. Initially constructed as William the Conqueror’s 1067 medieval wooden fortress, nearly 1000 years later the Castle now stands as a vast Ducal Palace, Museum and Art Gallery – having survived battle after battle along the way.

And now, with the latest Pokémon Go evolution being downloaded into every phone around the world, these two cultural gems have finally been united – with Nottingham Castle being listed as a hotbed of Pokéstops, creatures and gyms, just ready to be explored!

Interestingly, however, this actually isn’t the first time Pokémon and Nottingham Castle have overlapped.  In 1996, when Pokémon was first released worldwide, the Castle suddenly suffered a sudden, un-expected flood which actually ended up revealing some of the original (and beautiful) features of the Castle Rock Terrace we can see today. Now, we’re not saying the two events are related…but we’re totally blaming Squirtle for that one.

We’ve noticed that even a short walk around the Castle grounds can top up your Pokédex rather nicely, and given that the mansion itself is a Pokéstop, it’s hardly surprising that we’re drawing players in by the hundreds. Here’s what some of our Pokémon playing visitors had to say:

Tweet James Pokemon    ‘Nottingham Castle is one of the best sites to play at in town…everyone there was pretty friendly so it created a nice atmosphere. Rather than just a bunch of anti-social nerds, it feels like a community’ – Elisha Rice (@Elisha_Rice)

Phil Pokemon Tweet

‘Whenever I’m on lunch and walk by the Castle, it’s a hive of Pokémon Masters! My colleague and I went hunting the other day and she caught a Jigglypuff but I am sure there are plenty of others hiding amid the grass and behind Mr Robin Hood!’ – Carly Jones (@redbrickers) 

Tweet Nottingham Mordo

‘I love the Castle anyway and to be able to visit more often because of Pokémon is awesome! ‘ – Super Antlers (@superantlers) 

Tweet Nottingham Rob

Our old friend Robin Hood was even the first stop on a Nottinghamshire Poke-walk, as organised by game playing organisation Street Pass East Midlands, (@SPEastMidlands), where players got the chance to hunt together, and tour the city at the same time!

Pokewalk Nottingham Castle

We’re delighted to be part of such a large and lovely community as the Pokémon Go one, and we can’t wait to see you all playing on the grounds soon!



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