I’ve got a huge opportunity over the next couple of years to do some great work and help Nottingham Castle become the leading cultural inspiration it was always intended to be for our city. The social landscape has changed since the Castle museum opened in 1878 and the role of the Castle has matured. We are about to reopen as Nottingham’s largest cultural organisation, presenting familiar histories with a reinvigorated approach to diversity, equality and social responsibility. These are tenets crucial to the ethos of any organisation purporting to be inclusive in 2020. Inclusive is what we must be if we claim to be truly representative of a population as wonderfully mixed as Nottingham’s.

As Engagement and Participation Officer, I’ll be leading several local community projects that will create content for our reopening, in February 2021. I want our community relationships to be partnerships and for us to work together with the city’s other organisations as a cohesive network of engagement. In turn, this will help us to more effectively enrich the lives of our people.

Voices of Today

The Voices of Today project will document local perspectives and experiences of activism, protest, rebellion and riot in the city – past and present. I’ll speak to people of all backgrounds and all parts of the city to draw together those perspectives. Together, we’ll explore how examples in recent history parallel with the famous episodes of rebellion from Nottingham’s history, as shown in our new Rebellion Gallery. The film that the work creates will go on display in the museum for everyone to see!

Collaborative Craftivist Commission

Alongside Voices of Today, I will do a call-out for a community group to join us in looking at the rich collections we have and the stories they tell. The group will choose objects that they feel relate to the issues they are most concerned with today and then commission an artist to work with them to creatively respond to those objects. Again, the work created by the group will be on display in the museum for next February’s reopening. Co-leading on projects is, for me, the only way to do the most meaningful community work.

Watch this space for the full programme of community-based projects, including the launch of the Castle’s own in-house youth group in September.

For more information, contact me at JPickering@nottinghamcastletrust.org.

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What's it all about

From the caves to the palace to Brewhouse Yard, the Nottingham Castle project will transform the entire site, re-establishing it as a focal point for civic pride and creating a world-class cultural destination at the heart of a regenerated Castle Quarter.

Discover the story of Medieval Nottingham and the city’s famous outlaw or the turbulent moments of riot and rebellion in its past. Explore the visual arts and heritage crafts of our creative city in newly refurbished galleries, including our new terrace gallery for internationally renowned touring work. Investigate the trails around the Castle’s grounds or go on an underground adventure in the caves.

Join us on your Nottingham Castle adventure from February 2021.

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