My name is Anna and I have just completed my final year studying Decorative Arts – specialising in ceramics.

Intrigued by the volunteering sector, and my desire to engage with children and young people led me to apply as a Grads4Nottm intern. For our internship, together with my teammate Yasmin, we created a volunteering opportunity to discover the hidden graffiti under Nottingham Castle.

We spent the first two days working with other Grads4Nottm participants to research Nottingham’s caves and castle history, enabling us to have a greater understanding.

Following this, we went on to research specialist information for the graffiti project. We met Chris Pickup, discoverer of Isaac Newton’s graffiti at Woolsthorpe Manor. He was a fountain of knowledge and advice. Thereafter, we looked into the volunteering demographic to help us focus this opportunity on the people who would benefit the most.

Finally, we created a selection of role descriptions, training considerations, recruitment suggestions and recognition events to support the Volunteer Manager in creating the opportunity later in the year.

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It was great working with Nottingham Castle Trust, getting to know the staff and having an insight into their jobs, I enjoyed it!  This experience led me to see first-hand all the research and decisions needed for a volunteer opportunity. I loved that we got the chance to creatively turn this opportunity into something new and exciting, into something people would want to volunteer for. I can’t wait to see the roles become reality!


What's it all about

From the caves to the palace to Brewhouse Yard, the Nottingham Castle project will transform the entire site, re-establishing it as a focal point for civic pride and creating a world-class cultural destination at the heart of a regenerated Castle Quarter.

Discover the story of Medieval Nottingham and the city’s famous outlaw or the turbulent moments of riot and rebellion in its past. Explore the visual arts and heritage crafts of our creative city in newly refurbished galleries, including our new terrace gallery for internationally renowned touring work. Investigate the trails around the Castle’s grounds or go on an underground adventure in the caves.

Join us on your Nottingham Castle adventure from February 2021.

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