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15th July is World Youth Skills Day. This UN-designated day was created to generate awareness and discussion around the importance of the development of skills for young people.

This year’s World Youth Skills Day is marked by the challenging context in which it takes place, including shining a light on how the way that we impart skills has changed during the pandemic, as young people learn at a distance, from home.

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We thought we’d use this opportunity to promote Letters of Solidarity, a writing campaign that we have proudly launched alongside Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature, offering all 14-25 year olds the chance to develop their writing skills from their own home.

The project (also shaped by the pandemic) calls upon young people to write about their experience of lockdown in a letter, explaining how the experience affected them, and offer messages of support to neighbours, friends, and family in Nottingham, across the country and world.

Through Letters of Solidarity, we would like to know: what was lockdown like? How did you feel? What was going on in the world around you?

For inspiration and creative ideas you can download an activity pack or register to have one sent to you by post, as well as download letter templates.

All letters will be showcased in an online gallery, 50 letters will be selected for a new anthology launching in February 2021, and letters will be broadcast on radio and other print and online media.

To help light your creative fire – and, or course, develop your writing skills – NUCoL are also running FREE creative writing workshops with some of Nottingham’s best-known writers.

The first of these fun, friendly workshops will take place this Saturday 18th July, with Eve Makis – find out more and register for this here. Eve will help you with your ideas and develop the skills and confidence to write your letter.

You can also take part in other workshops over the next month: with Panya Banjoko on August 15th and Ioney Smallhorne on September 12th.

Find out more about the campaign here, and join in discussion online with the hashtag #LettersOfSolidarity



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Discover the story of Medieval Nottingham and the city’s famous outlaw or the turbulent moments of riot and rebellion in its past. Explore the visual arts and heritage crafts of our creative city in newly refurbished galleries, including our new terrace gallery for internationally renowned touring work. Investigate the trails around the Castle’s grounds or go on an underground adventure in the caves.

Join us on your Nottingham Castle adventure from February 2021.

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