One of the many great things about working in a Castle on a hill is that you are very close to the weather.

When it’s blowy it’s a gale, when it’s raining it’s a tempest and when it’s sunny it is glorious.  Could we have more of the sun please?  Especially now the first of our community archaeology digs is underway.

In the last three weeks the community archaeologists working on site have experienced all kinds of conditions as they dig their first trench in the Outer Bailey (the first archaeology ever on this part of the site).  The community volunteers are led by professional archaeologists from Trent and Peak Archaeology and the York Archaeological Trust together with Historic England and the City Council.  The team is discovering more about the many uses of the Castle grounds over the years.

We don’t know a lot about the way the Castle developed in medieval times, nor exactly what happened after it was razed to the ground following the Civil War. The finds from this dig will help us to tell the stories of the site over the 1000 years there has been a Castle on a hill in Nottingham.  Finds have been coming up thick and fast with a lot of medieval pottery and most excitingly a James 1 farthing – well most excitingly to the non-archaologists, the professionals seem just as keen on the pottery shards!

The archaeologists will be on site until 14 August so do come up, say hello and find out what new discoveries they have made.

If you would like to be part of future archaeological work on site then keep an eye on the Nottingham City Council Castle site.
New opportunities will be coming up in 2016.

Heather Mayfield, Nottingham Castle Trust


What's it all about

From the caves to the palace to Brewhouse Yard, the Nottingham Castle project will transform the entire site, re-establishing it as a focal point for civic pride and creating a world-class cultural destination at the heart of a regenerated Castle Quarter.

Discover the story of Medieval Nottingham and the city’s famous outlaw or the turbulent moments of riot and rebellion in its past. Explore the visual arts and heritage crafts of our creative city in newly refurbished galleries, including our new terrace gallery for internationally renowned touring work. Investigate the trails around the Castle’s grounds or go on an underground adventure in the caves.

Join us on your Nottingham Castle adventure from February 2021.

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